We are a small company with a big vision of how to build value and create impact. We do that by bringing useful intelligence on thirty-two different technology sectors to help you make better decisions every single day. Our core team has over 20+ years of Technology and Capital Markets experience and are committed to helping define and achieve excellence across all aspects, including company’s operations, governance and performance. Collective Team Experience. Blockchain, Fintech, Ai, Gaming, CyberSecurity, Machine Learning, Research, Capital Markets, Private Equity, Ventures Capital, Regulatory Compliance

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Bryan Feinberg, CEO 


Bryan Feinberg is the CEO and Founder of Etheralabs, a NYC-based BlockchAin Advisory and Venture Accelerator. Bryan brings nearly two decades of serial technology & media focus and solid track record of both identifying and participating across the startup universe. Bryan is a Licensed Investment Banker, holding series 7, 63 & 79 FINRA licenses.  With strong ties and an extensive network, Bryan’s added value is measured in his hands-on approach to deal positioning, strategic modeling, market analysis & enabling technologies in any data transaction.  A serial entrepreneur, Bryan’s key-focus areas encompass both investment banking and early stage company development and drives his expertise across multiple areas including Banking & Regulatory Compliance, Syndication, Intelligence, Wallet Security, Search, Machine Learning and Big Data. Bryan has completed over $200M in financial transactions including taking a startup from scratch to over $130M in revenues and an integral balance sheet component to public listing on the TASE in 2007.  Bryan is also CEO and Founder of Zephyr Financial Technologies and on the Advisory Board of multiple emerging blockchain companies.

Abhishek Gupta, Chief Development Officer


Abhishek is the Chief Development Officer of Etheralabs and leads all development efforts on Plato. A young yet seasoned software engineer; his coding skills and deep understanding of both Machine Learning and Big Data drives Plato’s proprietary codebase and development framework. An avid student of Sanskrit, Abhi finds his solace in both rock climbing and reading ancient books.

Ajay Chandhok, Chief Security Officer


Ajay is the CEO and Founder of LedgerOps with 10+ years of Cyber Security and Software Development Experience. A dedicated and highly passionate BlockchAin Professional, Ajay leads our focus on Security Assessment/Testing and Mitigation and Secure Development. He is also well versed with the Technical security in Network Traffic/Malware Analysis, Behavioral Security Analytic Development, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Analysis, and Security Assessments. Software engineering experience 

John Najarian


Jon is an options trader, analyst, CNBC Television personality and former professional football player. He is a regular contributor to CNBC’s Fast Money and has been a member of the Chicago Board of Trade since 1982. He is the founder of TradeMonster as well as Mercury Trading which he sold to Citadel.  Jon brings a unique perspective as it relates to market dynamics and influencer marketing. Jon acts as an advisor, mentor and participant across the company’s various activities.

Steven Hatzakis, Advisor


Steven is a Financial Technology (FinTech) and Financial Services (FinServ) industry researcher and consultant with nearly 20 years of experience. He contributes to a number of self-regulatory efforts in the crypto industry; is an active crypto investor, and the director of BCA Ventures Inc. In addition to his role as the Global Director of ReSearch, Forex & Crypto at ForexBrokers.com, Steven has authored over 1000 industry news articles and has published reSearch for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), and first wrote about cryptocurrency market inefficiencies in 2013. Steven is a CFTC-registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) and holds a Series 3 NFA License.