Brave (BAT) and bitFlyer Partner to Create Crypto Wallet

Brave (BAT) and bitFlyer Partner to Create Crypto Wallet

Brave Software and Japanese cryptocurrency exchange giant bitFlyer have collaborated to create a new crypto asset wallet.

New Crypto Wallet for Brave and bitFlyer Users

In a press release issued on Thursday (July 9, 2020), bitFlyer announced its collaboration with Brave Software, providers of the eponymous crypto-rewards privacy browser. The partnership between both companies aims to deliver a working crypto wallet app for their respective users.

Brave becomes bitFlyer’s first partner in Japan by virtue of the newly inked partnership. The move is also the latest collaboration between both establishments as bitFlyer listed Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) — Brave’s native crypto — back in April.

Commenting on the partnership, a spokesperson for bitFlyer remarked:

“Brave is gaining attention as a next-generation browser that emphasizes privacy, and in fact, I think its presence is increasing as it ranks high in app downloads in Japan. At the same time, Brave has the aspect of a browser linked to the virtual currency (cryptographic assets) known as BAT, and we believe it will be a model case that demonstrates the new possibilities of virtual currency (cryptographic assets) by providing users with the opportunity to obtain and use virtual currency (cryptographic assets) in the extremely commonplace act of browsing.”

Japanese regulations prevent Brave users in the country from earning BAT. Instead, Basic Attention Points (BAP) is the digital token reward for users of the browser in Japan.

The partnership between both companies could serve as a precursor for legalizing BAT in Japan. Such a move will see BAT become a tradable token on Japanese exchanges likely beginning with bitFlyer. The collaboration may also create a channel for BAP to BAT conversions.

The press statements from both companies did not offer further details about the planned crypto wallet project.

Brave Pushing Boundaries in Japan

Brave continues to see increased user adoption across the world. As previously reported by BTCManager, the privacy-centric web browser crossed 15 million monthly and 5M daily users in May 2020.

This growing popularity of the Brave browser is especially prominent in Asia and is reportedly one of the most popular Android browsers in Japan. The company is also reportedly part of a coalition to make crypto transfers easier with human-readable cryptocurrency addresses.

Brave did come under some backlash back in June with users found the browser inserting its own affiliate links when users tried to access popular cryptocurrency businesses like Binance.

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