Discovers insights that didn’t exist yesterday, today! 

As a leading provider of the latest news, information and analytics, we shine spotlight on thirty-two different verticals and bring intelligent data to help create data-based projections of what the future might hold. 

Connecting decision makers with data intelligence-and help them make quick, smart decisions

High Value, Sector-Specific, real-time intelligence

Plato optimizes data curation from trusted sources, specific to today’s most active technology sectors. Our data environment allows us to seamlessly connect to multiple data APIs and deliver an incredible user experience through a single dashboard all in an ad-free and ultra-secure environment.  

Access comprehensive data in multiple languages.

Our platform utilizes the latest in machine learning to uncover deep sector relevant data on companies and intellectual properties while our News Intelligence brings the latest and important happenings in and around thirty-two different industries. The data is then translated into multiple languages in a very short period of time, for use all over the world. 

Outstanding Consultation & Support

We grow with you; so your success is our ultimate goal. Our goal is to assist you in increasing your productivity, helping you uncover unknown insights and enhancing the value of your sector. With round the clock support from an experienced and reliable team along with targeted analytical services, businesses can be sure of success.

How It Works

Designed for Scalability and Validation

Our automated system is designed to organize public and private data sources and layer that information with contextualized and validated data sets providing authentic data relationships with an exceptional user-driven experience. 

Data Ingestion and Analysis

Structured and unstructured data is ingested from a variety of vertically relevant and vetted sources using different data extraction processes through our proprietary API Appliance.

Data Interpretation & Synthesization

Data is extracted and processed while our system distills it into reportable and relevant intelligence. Afterwards, the information is articulated in a narrative structure that can easily be understood and articulated.

Parsing and Indexing

Vertical Data is indexed and delivered via a consensus driven algorithm to optimize contextual relevancy, fluency and coherence. 

Validation and Formatting

Data is validated and formatted for optimal delivery and publishing in real-time. 

Syndication & Distribution

New Nodes of information are updated to automatically syndicate the information globally across our network.

Presentation / Data Visualization

A list of data enrichment operations are run for each document to enrich, analyze or link them with additional data or analysis. The end-result is presented by our user-optimized GUI for the most efficient consumption of information and a highly relevant and personalized user experience.