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Company Intelligence

You’re eyeing on a few companies for many reasons. Perhaps you’re interested in them, maybe you’ve invested in them, maybe you’re actively interviewing, or maybe you’re seeking opportunities. Whatever the reason, Platodata’s Company Intelligence solution puts you on paddle to know everything about a business.

Research and Discover

Get important information you need from our database of xx public and private businesses. Whether its latest fundins, news event, employee count or annual revenue; PlatoData makes it easier for you to research and discover about companies on a single platform. We also have an advanced search tool for you to search companies by their respective industries, sectors, location, and more.

Company News. Updated in Real-Time

PlatoData offers daily news about the companies that interests you. Find what’s happening in and around the industries you care about or follow with real-time news alerts.

Prompt Quick Actions

PlatoData’s  Company Intelligence solution is built around an objective of deep value execution, ROI and built-in analytics. Use the data to take actions on favorable opportunities.

News Intelligence

In today’s constantly evolving landscape, it’s essential to stay up-to-the-minute with industry news and trends. With our industry-focuses approach to news intelligence, we aim to separate the immaterial from the invaluable.

There’s News, and then there’s deep, sector-focused news

At Platodata Intelligence, we bring hundreds of sector-focused news-stories every day to deliver important, critical insights you need to help you understand what’s driving the market. We cover thirty-four verticals, including blockchain, AI, Automotive, and many more. Kick-start your day with the latest sector-focused news, delivered to you before the opening bell every day. 

Timely News, Delivered To You

Nowadays, it’s not enough to stay in the know; you’ve got to be the first one to know. Our news intelligence helps you cut through the clutter and get faster to the paramount ones. 

Our Comprehensive Approach

Get data-driven stories on your preferred sector in addition to news articles. PlatoData leverage industry-specific and financial data to help you utilize the information into actionable insights. We comb thousands of third-party resources and bring accurate results to you; in multiple languages.


Our Patent Intelligence solution is built on a foundation of amazing user experience and quality patent data, which offers great value to patent owners, IP law firms and patent researches. It is then wrapped by a search and analytics tool for bringing accurate information about patents, and above all, for delivering actionable business insights for you or your organisation. 

Patent Search and Analytics

PlatoData is a fastest, intuitive and most comprehensive tool for analyzing patents, conducting patent searches, and determining patentability.