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Plato’s Ai curates the latest sector intelligence with insights into the people, companies, and culture driving innovation today
Plato identifies and organizes both public and private data sources that makes accessing this information faster and more efficient. By layering information with highly contextual and validated data sets, we create an authentic and value driven user experience.

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Our network exists to distribute data intelligence in a personalized, secure, and private way

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Vertical Search

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Vertically Focused

Ai-Powered insights and analytics on the verticals & sectors we cover. Scalable. Authentic. Decentralized.

Plato Privacy Search

Plato optimizes data intelligence from vetted sources through an intuitive and immersive user experience.

Plato Data Intelligence

Web3 Private Search
Engine & Browser

Plato’s search engine and private view let you re-take control of your online privacy. It’s a safer way to browse Web3 without data collection, cookie-tracking, and targeting.

An Encrypted Connection

We remove your IP address from all of our global servers.

Web3 Browser

Securely connect to Web3 applications and the metaverse

Ad-Free Environment

All 3rd parties are blocked from viewing your personal data.

Data Privacy & GDPR

We will never sell your data to other companies.

Distribution & Syndication

Connect with thousands of media and distribution outlets.

Prevent Price Trackers

We block 3rd parties from activating price trackers on you.

Faster Insights Into
Your Industry

Our network exists to distribute content in a secured and efficient way by separating signal from noise.
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Plato Data Engine

Our data engine utilizes the latest in ML to provide deep sector data through vetted sources, eliminating the need to go to multiple sites and applications.

Plato Framework

The modularity of our framework allows us to implement new data streams and rapidly deploy apps to drive consumption and engagement.

Vertical Search & Ai

Plato is a vertical search platform that uses AI to optimize data curation from multiple verified sources that are specific to today’s most active technology sectors.

DAAS / Sectors

Plato drives both discovery and connectivity across multiple sectors, including things like Aerospace, AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Ecommerce, ESports, Gaming, Venture Capital, SAAS, and more

Multilingual Support

To ensure availability of relevant data for all our users, Plato has been developed to be accessible and indexed across 27 languages, making true conversational search a reality.


Plato's Ai and advanced automation curates the lates sector intelligence with insights into the people, companies and culture today's innovation economy.

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dApps, Data Intelligence, and more financial data & tools all accessible in one single and secure interface.